Dr. Kushnir,

I tried to deal with my daughter’s bedwetting problem 3 different times on my own, and each time it didn’t work. Initially I ordered a device on-line that you clip inside the child’s underwear at night, and it is supposed to vibrate when it gets wet (from the urine.) When the device came, my daughter complained it was too wide and uncomfortable. I spoke to my pediatrician, and she recommended your system. It was a lifesaver. Within one week, my daughter was trained to be dry during the night. She went 8 days in a row, and on the 9th day, she woke up a little wet. Of course, initially, there were a few accidents, but within 3 weeks, she was COMPLETELY trained. Dr. Kushnir gave me PERSONAL attention with any questions I had. The progress chart that the children fill out on line each morning is such a great motivator for the child. My daughter wanted to mark that she was “dry” on the chart first thing each morning. I can’t stress enough how accessible Dr. Kushnir was. Initially when I joined the program, I had a lot of questions, and he e-mailed me personally, answering each question. I highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Thank you,


Dr. Kushnir;

It’s absolutely startling! The treatment started working in four days! My 6-year-old started the treatment last month and she’s already been dry for the last 16 days!”

My daughter had wet her bed almost every night. Fluid restriction and bedtime visits to the bathroom were useless. Pediatricians offered only the hollow reassurance she’d “grow out of it.” It was terribly humiliating for her. I could see her withdrawing and losing her confidence.

The counselor examined her daily results and was constantly writing notes online. Things like ‘way to go,’ ‘great job,’ and ‘don’t get discouraged.’ What I liked best was the notes were written directly to her.

Her lifelong problem improved in just days. With the monitor’s help, her spots became progressively smaller, then she started getting up at night before spotting, and finally she didn’t have to get up at all.

I have a changed girl; she’s happier, more confident. She’s finally been freed of carrying around this dirty little secret that she hopes no one will find out. I’d absolutely recommend this to any parent.


Dr. Kushnir;
I want to share our feelings about the personal treatment we experienced with you. The whole process was quick and wonderful. After one month, Mika has completely overcome nighttime bedwetting. We were very happy with the process of being able to communicate with you via the Internet. When we would fill in the progress chart or had questions, you were always responsive to our needs and inquiries, either by phone or through the website. The experience was truly a pleasure. Thank you for providing us your dedicated, personal care. We will never forget this wonderful experience, and of course, will recommend you to our friends and acquaintances.

Thank you,


Dear Dr. Kushnir,

I am a 45 year old mother. I stopped bedwetting with a lot of agony at the age of 18.My son has been treated by you and became dry at the age of 6 after a short period of treatment.

For me it is the most beautiful present in the world.

May God continue to give you all the will power and patience toward your patients.

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As the #1 preferred solution among Pediatricians, our method provides families with a confidential, convenient and 24/7 on-call program tailored to your special needs.

A bedwetting child affects the entire family. The treatment for bedwetting and for day-wetting is based on a conditioning procedure, induced by the use of a miniature electronic bedwetting alarm.  The treatment lasts between three and five months in most cases. Families who follow our instructions and use our step by step continuous support service, will succeed.

B e d w e t t i n g The Bedwetting Alarm treatment is most effective when accompanied by professional guidance and support (90% success rate as opposed to 15% without it.) DO NOT DESPAIR Even if you have already tried using a bedwetting alarm and failed, Dr. Kushnir’s step by step professional guidance and support you can solve your bedwetting problem.